Running the Pittsburgh Marathon

With the Pittsburgh Marathon just a week away I thought now would be a good time to talk about the course. This will be my fourth running of the marathon here in the City of Champiyinz and each year I look forward to it. For a local it is a great chance

Training Update and Running Sick

I’d like to say things are going perfect and as planned, that I’ve missed no planned runs and have felt strong week after week. I’d like to say I know I’ll be ready for the races ahead this summer, but for now I can only say I am cautiously optimistic. My training

Even the smallest spark (getting back on the training train)

Sunday Trail Crew

Even the smallest of sparks can culminate in a conflagration that can light your heart in an instant. It can make the mundane seem fantastical, the trite and
commonplace new and inviting, and the time all too short bringing action

Ready to roll! Run, I mean ready to run!

I like to run. For those who know me this is no revelation, no shocking plot twist, no unfathomable piece of information. That said, since the ITBS and the resulting few very light months of running, I was having trouble getting back in gear. Signing up for the Pittsburgh Marathon should have done

Back in the Saddle : Pittsburgh Marathon 2017 Training

I Love you couch. Forever and ever

It has been a wonderful holiday season with family and friends and my dear sweet couch. And though it has been exceedingly restful it has not been great for my running game.

After the Steamtown Marathon I had

McConnells Mills to Moraine Run

This should have been written up a long long time ago! The holiday season got in the way…okay…that is a lie. I have been downright lazy since Thanksgiving. Without any further ado may I present to you…….The McConnell’s Mill to Moraine Fatass Run!

For the last two years November has meant

Playing it Safe

Last month was National Running Safety month. But so is this month…and next month…and the next one. Safety is something to take seriously every day. As runners we put ourselves out into the elements, often times in extreme conditions. As the temps in the northeast get colder and winter settles in there are

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