Training for 2018

The start of the year hasn’t been the great start to training I was hoping for. Here I present a short chronicle of how NOT to start the first month of marathon training. I ran a whopping 5 times in the month of January!

The Safety Dance

Tis the season! Tis the season for family, great food and drinks, and maybe a little overspending. Tis the season for hard work and indulgence alike and tis the season of short, short days and long, cold nights.  That means one thing for this blog. It is time for the

The Inaugural Youngstown Marathon and Hell Hath No Hurry 50 miler

I have been a bad blogger. A very bad blogger indeed. Wicked, naughty, evil Zut! And in the Castle Anthrax there is but one punishment for failing to write race recaps in a timely manner……

It is August 7th as I begin to write this.  The Inaugural Youngstown Marathon was

Topo Hydroventure Review



Topo Athletic’s Hydroventure shoe has a roomy toe box, a neutral low-drop platform, and light weight construction. Couple this with a waterproof lower and breathable upper and you have some good shoes for those cold and wet days on the trail. Sounds good

Burning River 100 – 2017 DNF

I had been looking forward to this race the whole year. At the same time I had trepidation. I hadn’t really trained hard this year. A lot of things were happening in my personal and professional life that took precedence and frankly I just didn’t feel like waking up at

2017 Glacier Ridge Trail 50 Miler Recap

The night before the GRT 50 I felt strangely calm. The nervous energy was excitement, not fear.  There was less uncertainty than in the past.  It has been said that ultras are more mental than physical and I believe there is a lot of truth to that. Once

2017 Pittsburgh Marathon

The alarm went off at 4 and I bolted upright and immediately began getting ready. Don, Paul, and I messaged back and forth as I made coffee, toast, and an egg which were quickly eaten. I was cruising on auto pilot, awake enough to perform simple tasks, but mentally still sound asleep. As I pulled in to

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