Burning River 100 – 2017 DNF

I had been looking forward to this race the whole year. At the same time I had trepidation. I hadn’t really trained hard this year. A lot of things were happening in my personal and professional life that took precedence and frankly I just didn’t feel like waking up at

2017 Glacier Ridge Trail 50 Miler Recap

The night before the GRT 50 I felt strangely calm. The nervous energy was excitement, not fear.  There was less uncertainty than in the past.  It has been said that ultras are more mental than physical and I believe there is a lot of truth to that. Once

2017 Pittsburgh Marathon

The alarm went off at 4 and I bolted upright and immediately began getting ready. Don, Paul, and I messaged back and forth as I made coffee, toast, and an egg which were quickly eaten. I was cruising on auto pilot, awake enough to perform simple tasks, but mentally still sound asleep. As I pulled in to

Running the Pittsburgh Marathon

With the Pittsburgh Marathon just a week away I thought now would be a good time to talk about the course. This will be my fourth running of the marathon here in the City of Champiyinz and each year I look forward to it. For a local it is a great chance

Training Update and Running Sick

I’d like to say things are going perfect and as planned, that I’ve missed no planned runs and have felt strong week after week. I’d like to say I know I’ll be ready for the races ahead this summer, but for now I can only say I am cautiously optimistic. My training

Even the smallest spark (getting back on the training train)

Sunday Trail Crew

Even the smallest of sparks can culminate in a conflagration that can light your heart in an instant. It can make the mundane seem fantastical, the trite and
commonplace new and inviting, and the time all too short bringing action

Ready to roll! Run, I mean ready to run!

I like to run. For those who know me this is no revelation, no shocking plot twist, no unfathomable piece of information. That said, since the ITBS and the resulting few very light months of running, I was having trouble getting back in gear. Signing up for the Pittsburgh Marathon should have done

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