2019 Burning River 100

Saturday July 27th, 2019

This recap for the 2019 Burning River 100 is going to be different from my previous race reviews; a different course, a different year, and a different focus. Looking back I couldn’t piece together the details in depth as

Xero Z-Trail Sandals

Xero was founded by a husband and wife team back in 2009. At age 45 Steven got back into running after a 30 year hiatus. He found himself constantly getting injured. A friend mentioned minimalist footwear might help him out and gave him a copy of Born

Glacier Ridge Trail 50 mile -2019

Saturday May 11, 2019

cover photo : Shannon Mick IG: @be.short.run.ultra

Josh and I rode up to Moraine State Park. The park is named for the meandering ridge we would spend many miles traversing. A moraine is a feature marking the southernmost

Five Fingers V-Run

If toe socks weird you out then these minimalist shoes might just push you over the brink, but if you are ready for something different the Vibram Five Fingers V-Run might be your new friend.

Out of the box the Five Fingers V-Run appeared

Hyner Challenge 50k -the best DNF

Saturday, April 20th, 2019

Cover photo cred: R. Bugay

Huge climbs and descents coupled with warm temperatures and heavy rain the previous day combined to form a Hyner year unlike any in recent years according to the vets there. On a good

2018 Oil Creek 100

Saturday, October 6th, 2018

Photo Cred: Mike McNeil

Unforgiving, historic, gnarly. Do you have what it takes?

The Oil Creek 100 website asks this very question. In 2017 I didn’t truly answer the question.  A sprained ankle one week

Skinners Footwear

Over a year ago I came across a kickstarter that piqued my interest. They looked like socks, but were touted as minimalist footwear suitable for running, swimming, and any other thing that may involve your feet as a primary source of locomotion.  As

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