Trail to Eagle and EQT

I’ve been laying low since Steamtown. I went into it with recklessness as my plan and did get a PR. I also smashed my legs up pretty good in the process.  The Thursday after the race I went out for a run and after a couple of miles my left

2016 Steamtown Marathon Race Recap

Where to start? First, I haven’t written anything since the Burning River 100 miler over two months ago. After recovering from that race I started getting back out running low miles, but just couldn’t get fired up to dive into another training cycle. So I ran when I felt like

Burning River 100 Race Recap 2016


The Burning River 100 Pre-Race

After nearly 8 months of training and 2 DNF’s , after a lot of pain and even more fun it was time to put it all together and make this dream of running the Burning River 100 happen.  I arrived in Cuyahoga Falls Friday afternoon and after checking in

Burning River Training Weeks 30 and 31

On December 14th, 2015 I began training for the Burning River 100 miler. Technically I was training for a number of events with build-ups, races , and cut backs eventually culminating in running 100 miles. It all seemed so far away, but now it is close. I’d say too close,

Hell Hath No Hurry 2016 – 50 miler DNF

I enjoyed my first DNF (Did Not Finish) at the Laurel Highlands Ultra so much I thought why not do it again two weeks later at the Hell Hath No Hurry 50 miler.  Okay, I didn’t enjoy the DNF, but I did learn very valuable lessons. Lessons that were

Laurel Highlands Trail 70.5 Ultra – DNF

Checking Gear


Running is pretty awesome, but running in the forest and mountains? That is the bees knees! As always before a big race I was a little nervous, but mostly excited. I was in Johnstown on this particular Friday to grab my race

Peak Week for the Laurel Highlands 70.5 and the Aftermath

I intended to write this post weeks ago and, as sometimes happens, I found myself too busy and at times too lazy to do it. So here is the last three weeks or so in a nutshell.

I was excited! It was one of two peak weeks before the Laurel Highlands

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