I like to run. For those who know me this is no revelation, no shocking plot twist, no unfathomable piece of information. That said, since the ITBS and the resulting few very light months of running, I was having trouble getting back in gear. Signing up for the Pittsburgh Marathon should have done it, but I realized I need goals. Big scary goals. Goals that are so lofty I very well may fail. So I signed up to run the Burning River 100 again! And yes…that reawakened my run lust.  That and regular Sunday trail runs with a group of amazing friends.

All the miles and all the fun followed by all the food

 The first few weeks of training were slow with other obligations to meet. Week 4 into week 5 I was travelling for work and was lucky to get a run in Hershey in. Nashville was better to me and I had two quality runs while there. The weather was perfect! Finally I am back in the swing of it and feeling good. That said, there has been some loss in the endurance department and in my trail speed, but that will come back quickly.
My training plan (pictured at left) is arranged for some basic information; orange denotes a road run, green a trail run. Gain is weekly elevation , which I find very useful to track when planning for trail races. The white blocks are planned runs.

Settler’s Cabin Park

I mentioned Sunday trail runs with friends.  We have had an excellent group of runners meeting at various parks around the city of Pittsburgh. Some days we have had 14 runners out! Those who come are of all experience levels from people taking their first trail run to seasoned dirty footers. It is a beautiful thing to have so many good-natured people together doing what we love and enjoying nature.  This has had a huge impact on my running recently. Simply put, I am running happier, and that translates into more consistent training.

 I am looking forward to the weeks ahead with some great runs with great people followed by some great coffee and eats afterwards!
Once again I am raising funds for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park as a run up (pun intended) to the Burning River 100 miler! CVNP is one of the few National Parks that is 100% free to visit. I have had the pleasure of running many of the trails here in the last two years during the Burning River 50 and 100 miler races. Some of the region’s most beautiful sites are waiting here just 2 hours west of Pittsburgh!
 Your tax-deductible donation will be used to build and maintain trails in the park for us and future generations. I have a goal of raising $500 by race day. Click here to go to my fundraising page.  If you are local to Pittsburgh ask me about trade. I’ll gladly come and wash your car or clean your place, etc.  for a donation to this excellent National Park.